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why segovia
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Based on Microsoft Excel
  • Connects to Most Databases
  • Access Anytime Anywhere.
  • Pulls Real-Time Data from Multiple Data Sources.

what is segovia

Segovia is a web-based reporting software used for operational intelligence. Our software is able to extract real-time data from any database and transform the data output from a raw data file into a sophisticated, complex output. With the information you are able to obtain through Segovia, our goal is for you to gain more insight into business operations and find ways to operate more efficiently in a way you never imagined possible.

Additionally, Segovia aims to simplify and significantly reduce the time spent on the general reporting process through our unique and simple report design process. Once a template report is created in our software, your report can be formatted and modified just the way you want it. The report complexity can range from a simple list of data to an elaborate analysis such as an income statement. The sky is your limit.

customer testimonials

Thank you so much...I really can't do anything without Segovia.- Mandy

I couldn't believe how easy Segovia was to use. The user training was so easy. Even I can do it and I have never taken a programming class in my life! - Sam

Putting together my inventory reports were such a nightmare before Segovia. Especially working in the retail industry, the sheer amount of data was almost impossible to manage. With the help of Segovia, I know it is possible to handle the workload and provide upper management with the right information to manage the company. -Daniel

The report generation process was a huge gap in our existing infrastructure. Segovia fills that gap for our organization and now, I cannot imagine how we operated without it. - Henry

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